The Puzzle of Movement: Becoming the Kinetic Energetic

In the final stage of starting to get active the focus is on actually starting to move. Feel free to move in any way which suits you and here are some lessons I've learned along the way when turning getting active into part of my permanent lifestyle. This stage is called, Becoming the Kinetic Energetic. … Continue reading The Puzzle of Movement: Becoming the Kinetic Energetic


You. Are. Enough.

Sometimes we need to remember to be rational and emotional, calculated and in touch with the incalculable. In a world full of messages bombarding us that we need to be this, that and XYZ by 25 - I'm saying, heck, life isn't like that and that's OK. My life didn't turn out how I had … Continue reading You. Are. Enough.

Emotional Eating

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm starting to get symptoms of low mood. One of these includes chaotic eating habits. The start of which is always binge eating because of emotions, mainly and namely on chocolate too. Which isn't helpful for any health goals I may have in aiming to reduce body fat … Continue reading Emotional Eating

Climbing Kisses and 3 Kilometres

Yesterday I went climbing. It was great. I haven't been for some time, so my hands had softened up- as you can see from below and I forgot my finger tape. However, it was great fun and definitely great to try out a new centre as so far in my climbing journey I have only … Continue reading Climbing Kisses and 3 Kilometres

The Diet Update

My weight loss journey so far has been steady and slow. I've lost a few pounds, which I'm happy about┬ádespite totally falling off the banwagon with calorie counting this week - which proved a better diea when I was calorie counting because without counting calories old ED thoughts crop up of, "isn't that a bit … Continue reading The Diet Update

Songs of My Journey: 2011, Struggling On

I finished my second year in 2011. I remember spending evening after evening in the library trying to finish and move on with my studies. It was difficult for me, and I had mastered not eating for days on end resulting in a steep decline in my weight. I would listen to songs on repeat … Continue reading Songs of My Journey: 2011, Struggling On

“Boys Don’t Get Eating Disorders…”: Myths, The Second Third, DEBUNKED!

Battling a mental health condition of any form can be an isolating challenge. However, with some illnesses in particular there is more stigma and myth surrounding the illness than kindness and compassion. I was firmly reminded of this whilst on the night bus home the other week. My friend and I met through our mental … Continue reading “Boys Don’t Get Eating Disorders…”: Myths, The Second Third, DEBUNKED!