The Chatterbox Tatterbox Hackerbox Phase

:The Phases and Faces of Hypomania What does someone do who has all of these amazing ideas crashing into one another in their mind? They're too good to keep quiet, too many to not share and too exciting to not act upon. They talk. I talk, shit mainly. I have a story for everything we … Continue reading The Chatterbox Tatterbox Hackerbox Phase


The Too Busy to Sleep Phase

I'm sure somewhere there is some wisdom on not sleeping that goes along the lines of, "if you can't sleep, get up and do something until you're tired". This is exactly what I do when I can't sleep, which doesn't happen all that often for me. I am a good sleeper. I always have been. … Continue reading The Too Busy to Sleep Phase

The Getting a Fuck-Ton Done Phase

: The Phases and Faces of Hypomania Imagine that every obstacle that comes your way is minimised. You're a giant Super Mario, the obstacles are the same size essentially but feel more like minute lumps in the road. What was once a 3ft wall is now merely a texture difference in the tarmac. Problem solving … Continue reading The Getting a Fuck-Ton Done Phase

My Relationship With My Mood

As you can probably guess, having borderline personality disorder and bipolar together, my relationship with my mood is somewhat of a complex one. I feel like I'm back to normal again now, which in it's own way brings a little disappointment when you crash down to normal from hypomania because, let's face it, a brief … Continue reading My Relationship With My Mood