I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming

I have a very big mind. I don't know if you can quantify the size of a mind seeing as it is abstract. What I mean when I say I have a big mind is that it wanders. I have high ambitions for myself, and sometimes believe in them. I think I'm going to become … Continue reading I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming


Letters: The Caring Nurse

M.J.Neely DearDarlingSanity.com London, UK The Caring Nurse, Private Hospital, London, UK Dear Nurse, Please forgive me, I do not know your name. I must have forgotten as soon as you introduced yourself; when you cared for me, I was unwell. That is why our paths crossed in the first place. What I do remember though … Continue reading Letters: The Caring Nurse