The Getting a Fuck-Ton Done Phase

: The Phases and Faces of Hypomania

Imagine that every obstacle that comes your way is minimised. You’re a giant Super Mario, the obstacles are the same size essentially but feel more like minute lumps in the road. What was once a 3ft wall is now merely a texture difference in the tarmac.


Problem solving is not a challenge. Everything is obvious. You just do this or that and you don’t just do it, you do it at the speed of light. You have To-Do lists longer than your arm and they still can’t keep up with you rather than the other way around.  Ideas come in an abundance.

The best bit isn’t the constant flow of ideas. The best bit is that they all feel entirely achievable, realistic and exciting; they range from becoming a world-renowned musician, setting up an empire of a business and cracking the comedy circuit because let’s face it, I’m hilarious. I’m going to achieve it all whilst I’m a student so I’m prepared to work even harder to earn the masses of money I’m going to bring in. You call it bringing back the bacon. I’m bringing back the pig farm and you better believe it. The cherry on the top? It’s going to be effortless.


giphy-4.gifThere aren’t enough hours in the day for all the master plans you’ve conjured but you’re maxing the absolute potential out of every single day. It’s brilliant. All those days when just having a shower seemed like a massive achievement: done. They’re gone and this is just the best news because now you can finally live the life you were supposed to. This is how the future is created. This is how my future is created and I’m moving on. I knew I was an incredibly smart and able. The only difference is that now I’m proving that not just to myself, but to the world also.
I never want help during this phase. I never think I need help during this phase. I’m just being brilliant, and something has finally clicked with how it is supposed to be. I never realise. I don’t stop to think like I do with masses of energetically charged and unproductive over joyousness, because I’m so busy maxing the potential out of every day and that doesn’t include self-reflection because I’m already perfect.

I do genuinely get a lot done – and if I could work at this pace all the time, I would probably manage to follow some of those project ideas through quite well. Like everything that’s too good to be true however, it comes to an end far too quickly for any of these projects to barely take off. It’s a level of genius that I can’t quite follow through on or keep up with.