I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming

I have a very big mind. I don't know if you can quantify the size of a mind seeing as it is abstract. What I mean when I say I have a big mind is that it wanders. I have high ambitions for myself, and sometimes believe in them. I think I'm going to become … Continue reading I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming


Coming Out of Hospital After 4 Weeks In

From the end of April to late May I spent 4 weeks in a psychiatric hospital, hence my absence. It was a difficult admission and still now I am struggling to quite get my head around what happened, what's happening, and what I went through. I am also struggling to get back to every day … Continue reading Coming Out of Hospital After 4 Weeks In


I'm really struggling at the moment. It's hard to pinpoint with what exactly though. I'm really unmotivated to do anything, and I keep sleeping for a really long time. I'm massively relying on my comfort items at the moment - I am sat with Big Bear as I type. I think something, although I'm unsure … Continue reading Melancholy

Online Support Forum

Hey everyone, I've made an online support forum for everyone suffering and experiencing mental health difficulties. The boards are for everyone experiencing mental health difficulties in some way ranging for psychosis to eating disorders. Please feel free to join up at http://deardarlingsanity.boards.net

Self Love on Valentine’s Day <3

It’s valentines day. This day can be really fun for some, and hard for others, but I want to put the message out there that the most important person to love is yourself. Self love is a difficult one, especially for those with mental health problems. Often we berate ourselves, hate ourselves or even worse, … Continue reading Self Love on Valentine’s Day ❤

The Thing About Good Moods and Bipolar

The thing about bipolar is you never now when a good mood is just that, a good mood, or the start of a mania episode. You see, you all know I was depressed lately. My pattern is that I get depressed, then manic - but not always. Certainly not always, CERTAINLY not always. In fact, … Continue reading The Thing About Good Moods and Bipolar

Dear Darling Sanity Support Group

When we have mental health difficulties, one of the most valuable methods of support is peer support. With peer support we can use our experiences, to help each other through dark times, tough times and even celebrate the good times. Many platforms support people with mental health difficulties through peer supper including Elefriends by MIND, … Continue reading Dear Darling Sanity Support Group