I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming

I have a very big mind. I don't know if you can quantify the size of a mind seeing as it is abstract. What I mean when I say I have a big mind is that it wanders. I have high ambitions for myself, and sometimes believe in them. I think I'm going to become … Continue reading I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming


The Puzzle of Movement: Becoming the Kinetic Energetic

In the final stage of starting to get active the focus is on actually starting to move. Feel free to move in any way which suits you and here are some lessons I've learned along the way when turning getting active into part of my permanent lifestyle. This stage is called, Becoming the Kinetic Energetic. … Continue reading The Puzzle of Movement: Becoming the Kinetic Energetic

That Tough Mudder for MIND

In the pub one December evening in 2014 a friend and I decided it would be a really good idea to sign up for Tough Mudder. We decided it would be fun, it would be a real laugh and a challenge that was totally do-able. We 100% had it in the bag already, after a … Continue reading That Tough Mudder for MIND

London Winter Run 10k 2017

Last weekend something rather big happened. I ran the Cancer Research Winter Run 10k. A lot of people run 10k on the regular and a lot of people ran the 10k for Cancer Research last weekend. Approximately 17,000 in fact. Needless to say, it was a pretty epic way to spend a Sunday. The course … Continue reading London Winter Run 10k 2017

A Crisis, A Sandwich and The Small Wins

I just ate a sandwich and I am drinking a cup of tea. I am in a public place and although I'm not talking to anyone around me, I just ate a sandwich. I don't have an eating disorder anymore. I don't have a digestive disorder. There is nothing physically stopping me from eating, but … Continue reading A Crisis, A Sandwich and The Small Wins

Dear Darling Sanity Support Group

When we have mental health difficulties, one of the most valuable methods of support is peer support. With peer support we can use our experiences, to help each other through dark times, tough times and even celebrate the good times. Many platforms support people with mental health difficulties through peer supper including Elefriends by MIND, … Continue reading Dear Darling Sanity Support Group

Depression is…

Depression is not a bad day or couple of days. Depression is not that hibernating feeling we all get when the days are darker and the nights colder. Depression is not the aftermath of a break up or loss. Depression is a glacial pace at which we live life, a way in which our souls … Continue reading Depression is…