I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming

I have a very big mind. I don't know if you can quantify the size of a mind seeing as it is abstract. What I mean when I say I have a big mind is that it wanders. I have high ambitions for myself, and sometimes believe in them. I think I'm going to become … Continue reading I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming

That Tough Mudder for MIND

In the pub one December evening in 2014 a friend and I decided it would be a really good idea to sign up for Tough Mudder. We decided it would be fun, it would be a real laugh and a challenge that was totally do-able. We 100% had it in the bag already, after a … Continue reading That Tough Mudder for MIND

Dear Darling Sanity Support Group

When we have mental health difficulties, one of the most valuable methods of support is peer support. With peer support we can use our experiences, to help each other through dark times, tough times and even celebrate the good times. Many platforms support people with mental health difficulties through peer supper including Elefriends by MIND, … Continue reading Dear Darling Sanity Support Group

Body Love – A Poem


Anxiety on Leaving Home

   Today is a big day for me. I am leaving the country, althoguh only for four days and going on holiday. I haven't done this since 2010. HALF A DECADE. Naturally I'm nervous, naturally I'm actually shitting myself. We are goign to Prague, and I may do a post of just photos of Prague … Continue reading Anxiety on Leaving Home

Coming Home After Hospital 

   No one wants anyone to become institutionalised. However, the problem is that sometimes a lengthy hospital admission is necessary. The risk run with this is that you can inadvertently become instituionalised and when it comes to the time of coming home, it can be difficult to settle in again at home.  I had this … Continue reading Coming Home After Hospital¬†