I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming

I have a very big mind. I don't know if you can quantify the size of a mind seeing as it is abstract. What I mean when I say I have a big mind is that it wanders. I have high ambitions for myself, and sometimes believe in them. I think I'm going to become … Continue reading I Have a Big Mind, So I Can Keep Dreaming


That Tough Mudder for MIND

In the pub one December evening in 2014 a friend and I decided it would be a really good idea to sign up for Tough Mudder. We decided it would be fun, it would be a real laugh and a challenge that was totally do-able. We 100% had it in the bag already, after a … Continue reading That Tough Mudder for MIND

The Eye of the Storm: The Grateful Aftermath

A depressive episode has a way of making anyone go from actively living their life to merely existing in a matter of days or weeks. The ability to do what you love? Zapped! The ability to get up in the morning? Zapped! An interest in doing anything other than staying in bed living life through … Continue reading The Eye of the Storm: The Grateful Aftermath

Lists That Beat Depression

I've been depressed as of late. However, after about a week of sitting around moping about it I have decided to implement my coping strategies in order to try and get through this bout of depression, with the help of my team. I am due to see the psych for a med review, but there … Continue reading Lists That Beat Depression

Suicidal Thoughts Are Just a Habit?!?

Today I've been told that suicidal thoughts are a habit in response to a low mood. I don't know if I agree with this. I was told this by my therapist, and I agree it used to be like that for me a few years ago whenI was told this by my schema therapist - … Continue reading Suicidal Thoughts Are Just a Habit?!?

Depression is…

Depression is not a bad day or couple of days. Depression is not that hibernating feeling we all get when the days are darker and the nights colder. Depression is not the aftermath of a break up or loss. Depression is a glacial pace at which we live life, a way in which our souls … Continue reading Depression is…

My Lost Ally

For some of us, it can be a scary fact to accept that sometimes you have no idea what is really going on with your mental health. For me, right now this is the situation I find myself in. I am sectioned, and a bit confused as to why, and as to what is going … Continue reading My Lost Ally