I’ll be frank. I’ve had well over my fair share of mental illness in the form of bipolar and BPD but… it’s time to no longer let that define me. I am building myself a life for me, myself and I. Yes I still have my mental illness to contend with  but I also have much more going for me now I’m further along the recovery road than I ever thought possible.

A passion of mine – that is mine and not that of my mental illness’ is healthy eating and fitness. I want to become a dietitian and will be studying my BSc in Nutrition and Health come September 2016. I plan to lead my example. I plan to be a beacon of hope to those who think healthy eating and exercise is an impossible task. I care.

I’m not just talking about the overweight or obese, but I care about the eating disordered as well. This is my health life and journey, laid out bare.


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  1. Hi,

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  2. I’m proud of you and grateful for you.
    If no one tells you I will: Your story is needed in this world.
    You are brave for creating this imperative blog.
    In addition you’re courageous for allowing the pen/keyboard to teach others; as well as becoming transparent so people will know that they are not alone.
    Happy Writing!


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    1. Thanks you. I’m currently writing a book about it all, in the hope of trying to work on stigma. Together we can make the world a better place for people with mental health difficulties. X

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