Food Rule #5: Meal Plans Aren’t Concrete

When I really have my life together I plan my meals for the next 2-3 days so that I know what to buy. I try to include a variety of foods whilst also maximising what I buy to minimise my food waste. I also tend to save £ when I manage to do this. It’s great, like I said though, it happens only when I really have my life together – like I’m wearing matching socks most days kind of together.

However, just because I have written my meal plans out on my beautiful Kikki.K meal planner doesn’t mean it is set in stone. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes plans change, or we feel too run down to bother cooking. That’s OK.

Flexibility is good, and despite my lack of flexibility in many areas of my life, flexibility around food really reduces any stress resulting from food. Food isn’t supposed to be stressful.

Admittedly, I am not a flexible person by any stretch of the imagination – so learning that it is OK to change my meal plans can sometimes be a challenge, and initially? I wouldn’t even go there. I have since however, had a reality shake up that shit happens, and sometimes plans change – in fact, this will happen at some point and we have to deal with hiccups along the road. We all do.

So just because you planned to have tuna pasta cooked for your packed lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday by Monday night, but you’re too tired to make it – so what?



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