Food Rule #4: Eat What You Fancy

On some days I really fancy a piece of cake, on others I really fancy some sushi. By eating what you fancy allows you to enjoy what you’re eating, and to feel satisfied by your food choices.

Imagine this: you pick a ham salad because that is what you feel you ‘should’ pick. You eat it even though you’re not feeling the ham salad today. How do you find yourself feeling afterwards? Disgruntled? Deprived? Unsatisfied? Sometimes a ham salad is your jam, other days it really isn’t.

When I am not quite sure what it is that I fancy I often use visualisation techniques to figure out what I really want. I imagine in my mind the experience of eating different foods and tuning into my reactions to doing so – do I fancy that meal right now? Or am I really wanting something different?

This is about really listening to our bodies, tuning into our desires and maximising the eating experience. By doing so, we are more likely to feel satisfied with our food choices and this may perhaps help with maintaining balance with our relationships with ‘healthy eating’.



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