Food Rule #3: Let Your Body Tell You When You’ve Had Enough

I know mindfulness is a really harped on about topic in mental health and well-being. No I don’t think it is a cure-all however, from experience, I really do think it is a tool definitely worth having in terms of managing a number of situations. With mindful eating, it doesn’t necessarily mean REALLY focusing on your food as intensely as you would during the raisin exercise, but it does mean being present and focusing on  your food, what you are eating and being in tune with how your body is feeling in response to your food.

By doing so, it allows you to enjoy the food as you are focused on the sole act of eating. This means not reading or watching TV or texting whilst eating. It means sitting down, and eating maybe with someone else, maybe alone. By tuning in with your body you take the time to be present with yourself to notice the fullness signals as they begin and eventually learn when you have had enough, and when you need more.

It takes time. It isn’t easy to stop and eat mindfully all of a sudden – especially in a world of go go go where we often struggle to not find ourselves eating on the run, or eating whilst completing our forever extending to-do lists. Sometimes, others put the pressure on us to complete tasks whilst we eat – but setting a boundary for yourself and others of eating is for eating helps.

Eventually, eating until you are feeling full allows for intuitive eating where listening to your body and learning to trust your body in this way can help find balance between not only overeating and under-eating, but also finding pleasure in eating as well; eating is about pleasure and enjoyment as much as it is nourishment. When this is lost from our relationship with food, that is one of the great natural joys of living removed, and that’s sad.



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