Food Rule #2:You Can Eat After 6pm

I get that for some people intermittent fasting may have it’s place under medical guidance and instruction, or during religious practices – however, the rigidity of only being able to eat between certain hours really goes against the fluidity of how life happens.

We get caught up. We work or study late. We get distracted and have no idea where time went. We have a few drinks at the pub and *REALLY* need a portion of cheesy chips in our life at midnight on the way home. It’s fine.

I often eat late in the evening and I can honestly say that I really think it has no effect on my weight. I also eat during the day – and try to spread my intake throughout the day but sometimes I don’t get to eat when I wanted. Sometimes it gets to 10pm and I realise I haven’t had all that much to eat or I feel very hungry only to realise I may have inadequately fuelled my body throughout the day. So what am I going to do about it? Wait until morning? Heck no! I’m going to eat.






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