Food Rule #1: No Such Thing as a ‘Bad Food’

Good food, bad food, get out! Thou shalt not label any food as sin or saintly, evil or angelic, healthy or unhealthy. I talk about food being healthy or unhealthy, but I use these words loosely, as a generic descriptor. However, healthiness of foods really is on a spectrum and I prefer to think of it as nutritious Vs no nutritional benefit what so ever.

And guess what? Even the foods at the ‘no nutritional benefit what so ever’ end of the scale tend to have their benefits elsewhere in enjoyment and pleasure. So even the ‘bad’ foods can be ‘good’. Life isn’t so categorically black and white. We live in grey areas and for as much as many of us may really despise this (myself included), it just is and acceptance is the only way to get around the constant battle with what is right or wrong or good or bad.

If I want a donut I will have a donut, or cake, or ice cream – or any food generally labelled as “bad” in the good/bad world of food labelling. In real terms, I see these foods as having little nutritional value to my body via quality macronutrients or micronutrients, however the nourishment of my enjoyment, pleasure and happiness found in eating is also important. I call it food for the soul.

There are some foods that I try to avoid for my own ethical reasons. If I had health concerns around my diet then this would also influence my dietary choices. Ethical choices around what we consume is a personal preference and belief – but refraining from a food product due to ethics and refraining from it because it’s now a demon food are two very different stances.

So are you going to come join me for an epic ice cream sundae?



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