I used to run 10k races. I used to climb twice a week for nearly a year. I used to do a lot of things, then I stopped because of my mental health difficulties. I am somewhat stable right now, enjoying life and finally in a place to be consistently running, climbing and taking in part in what makes my life worth living for me.

I have to frequently remind myself however, that I am at the beginning again – so I can’t compare myself to what I could do back then but rather that, what I could do back then is what I can do again in the future if I keep on pounding the same road.

My journey isn’t the same as anyone else’s – and neither is yours. We are all on our own unique roads – and comparisons between ourselves and those around us serve to only put our efforts down, or make life a competition. It isn’t. We all face the same end. We all have different journeys. Let’s enjoy, focus and live our own path whilst encouraging and celebrating each other at the same time.


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