Spoken Word – Chase & Status ft. George The Poet

“Being strong feels exactly the same as being weak
The difference is you don’t quit
Not until you reach the peak”

Sometimes songs speak to us. Sometimes we find more meaning in songs written by others than anything we could write for ourselves. Sometimes songs can be the track to our journey that we know we’re on.

I first heard this song live at Boardmasters 2016. I didn’t know at the time that George the Poet had collaborated with Chase & Status, but when I saw him come out on stage I was loving life. I was listening to an artist that gets my blood pumping into dance moves that feel amazing, but probably don’t look quite so amazing. I knew of George the Poet – and he was a writing idol of mine, so to see him come out to the stage and speak these words over my ecstasy of dancing my tits off was one of those moments you remember. It was one of those moments you remember because you feel above yourself, like you are gaining perspective on yourself and you feel there is a being above yourself speaking to you, reaching out to you and guiding you.


I keep listening to this song. I listened to is walking up to the front driveway at my first day of university in September. I listened to it when I’m high on life and when I’m in the dumps of self doubt. This song is one of those that guides my way.

‘It’s your fight, your glory. Your right, your story.”




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