New Starts, Continuing Paths

Last Monday I had my first day EVER at my new university. It was a couple of introduction days. For as non-existent as the academic work was for the first week, the social interactions of those two days were exhausting. It all starts from tomorrow. We start lectures, REAL. LIFE. LECTURES!!!

So let’s tune into my current feelings about this, and label them:
– anxiety
– excitement
– fear
– anticipation
– pride

These, for as far as I am concerned are all quite normal emotions and reactions to the current circumstances of MASSIVE change I’m undergoing.

My current routines…out the window.
My current freedom to cushion myself from life’s harsh realities…out the window.
My years of doing, quite literally, fuck all but attend hospitals and appointments are hopefully, *fingers crossed*…out the window.

This is a seriously huge new chapter in my life for me. It’s a new section of the book. Part 3. Hello Part 3, how do you do? Please treat me well. Looking into my crystal ball, there are a few things that I am looking forward to about going to uni.

  • Joining in with Growhampton, growing food and cooking food
  • Learning about nutrition and being able to, FINALLY, help other people
  • Having a greater sense of purpose and direction in my life
  • Gaining the feeling that I am taking steps towards real life goals
  • Gaining more confidence in managing myself, and my life




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