Sunday Brunch

I have this really cool book. It is called, ‘The London Coffee Guide.’ It is a guide of nearly 200 of the best independent coffee shops in London covering North, South, East and West alongside central. One of them happens to be up the road from me, so I thought I’d go along to try the coffee and cake. Whilst there I caught a whiff of the brunch cooking and decided to go for it as well – I’m telling you it was delicious. I had my coffee and cake to start with, which was delicious although I couldn’t quite finish the cake – it was definitely enough to share. Then I had avocado, poached egg and bacon on sour bread toast. It was divine. I’m definitely going to go there more regularly, although I was lucky to get a table to sit at.

It was called St David Coffee House and it is in Forest Hill, right opposite the train station at the end of the raised pathway. It’s a cute little place that is easy to walk past, but once you go inside it is bustling with conversation and music. The staff were friendly, the food was scrumptious and even though I treated myself to a massive piece of cake, all in all it was worth it.

As for the coffee, which is the point of The London Coffee Guide, it was sweet and smooth and very easy to knock back. I could drink two of their cappuccinos but that’s just my preference for larger portions of coffee, but it was a damn fine coffee.


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