Spartan Sprint

Yesterday was a challenging day for me as I embarked upon my first ever Spartan Sprint race. It was tough, and let me have a little insight into what was ins tore for me in the coming months at Tough Mudder and Rat Race Dirty Weekend.

The obstacles started pre-start line, with a small wall to warm us up in order to get into the pen, that was one down 19 more to go. We started by answering, “WHO AM I?” with “I AM A SPARTAN!” as a crowd, jolly, nervous and wondering what was to be expected ahead of us. At first we ran enthusiastically to our first obstacle, we climbed some walls which required some team efforts, and I gave a go at the monkey bars. Unfortunately they were uneven and I couldn’t reach the next one before carrying buckets filled with gravel.

There was much more lifting in this race than in previous races I’ve done before, which made for hard work. Especially the cement medicine balls, which after 10 half hearted burps as part of the obstacle I couldn’t carry it back despite how much I tried to pick the blood thing up. For the most part I was better at the climbing obstacles than anything else, with climbing being a passion of mine – however, the lifting involved made me realise how much more muscle I need to gain and how much more lifting I need to do in the gym. Cue, loads of diary filling and planning as I always do when I realise I have a lot of something to do.

Overall though it was a wicked day, and I met some great people. We were representing Mudd Queens, and got a few cheers along the way from fellow Mudd Queens. I would do it again, but the content makes me nervous for what is in store at Rat Race Dirty Weekend, and Spartan Beast and Super: which I’m currently contemplating at the moment. Should I? Do you dare me? Hmmmm…



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