Beat It! Activity Camp

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Today was my first day volunteering with a Lifestyle and Physical Activity Camp called Beat It in south west London. The aim is to teach children throughout their tim eat the camp how to make healthier food choices, including becoming aware of portion sizes whilst also getting them active. It was an actin packed day, and it seemed like the kids enjoyed themselves.

As part of the Beat It Challenge we’re doing a mile a day where the children run and walk a mile every day of the camp, in addition to the other physical activities we had planned for them including circuits and dodgeball. Obviously the dodgeball was the most fun exercise  and I really felt able to let myself go and just have fun with it at this point in the day.

Having not worked for a long time or done a full day of volunteering for a long time I am very tired but think I’ll manage to complete the week. It was sad in a way to see so many overweight children, and to see how much they suffer whilst doing physical activity but I don’t know why they don’t do more of it naturally because they all really loved and felt accomplished after doing it.

I think there is a negative connotation to exercise, but once they got into it they tried really hard and came out the other side smiling. For my own physical activity today I need to run 3km as part of my training programme and I’m going to yoga tonight again which will be fun and a good activity to unwind from the day with.


2 thoughts on “Beat It! Activity Camp

  1. It breaks my heart to see so many overweight kids these days. I was a fat kid and remember how sad it made me. It’s good to hear about programs like this. I hope to see more of them. The kids need it.

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  2. “Negative connotation to exercise”.

    Couldn’t be more right on that one. I was in a gym and my wife was being mocked from afar for using the treadmill. I’m sorry, but if someone’s trying to fix the problem, why would you insult them? Do you laugh at a mechanic fixing his car? Do you scoff an accountant doing your taxes?

    Sweet jeezy-creezy, that’s a sore spot with me.


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