Last night was my first Yoga class at my new gym. Boy is that stuff harder than it looks. I found myself getting in position and thinking, “OK cool, I can do it” then the dreaded words come out of the instructor’s mouth, “and hold” – and let the muscle shakes commence. (The picture isn’t me: I wish it was me though)

It was a good stretch out though and I can see how going to yoga will improve my muscle strength and flexibility so I’ll definitely go again. I found it to be a tough yet gentle workout, as opposed to the usual power power power of other workouts. Therefore, it was refreshing and a warm welcome to my gym routine.

Todays workout is a half an hour run separated between running and walking. I haven’t been running for some time really, not properly so I’m a little nervous about this one but reckon I can push my body to do it. I’ll report back with how it went once I’ve been, and hopefully I’ll still be in one piece.



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