#WeTrain2Run Class


I’ve been putting off going to #WeTrain2Run classes run by Nike in Regents Park for a long time. I’d say about a year or so. I went at the start of 2015 and never went again, but today I broke the habit of broken promises and went anyway. Yeah, it was hard work, and yes, again I was at the back of the class but it was good fun exercising with new people, and people in general. It broke the habit of my doing everything solo as I tend to do.

I think it helps in exercise to connect with people, to share the pain and the journey as well as the triumphs and goals. It was a cold morning, but once moving and with 2 layers on it was fine after a while.

When I got to Euston it was raining, and my sense of dread for the class grew and grew because I was anxious about going to the class and breaking my solo habit that run throughout my life. I was also nervous about being at the back of the class but that was OK and manageable to deal with and accept at the end – heck, if I keep going maybe one day I won’t be at the back of the class all the time: maybe!


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