UK Mudd Queens ROC and Smoothie Sunday

This weekend was the UK Mudd Queens ROC clinic at Bigfoot rope clinic. It was a great gathering of Mudd Queens of all shapes and sizes, alongside abilities to learn how to climb those damn ropes and give up the 10 burp forfeit finally. I haven’t yet come across a rope climb on an OCR, but I know they exist.


Unfortunately I didn’t master climbing the actual rope. I need to work on my core strength in order to be able to lift my legs up more but I learnt how to do it, and successfully managed to hook my feet around the rope and stand on the rope: which was quite fun although very challenging.

Also, I’ve finally mastered my wiggle on the monkey bars – however, as is with the OCR world rarely are hands clean, dry and with grip so I am yet to master them with muddy and wet hands. We also gave the ninja rings a go. I managed half way, but some Mudd Queens knocked the ball out the park and managed it loads, back and forth. I have to say though, the ninja rings are good fun although it feels surreal relying your weight on a obstacle without feeling the transfer of weight each time. That’s what I struggled to get my head around the most with the ninja rings.

It was also a great social filled with chocolate a pistachio fudge and salted caramel: which were both home made by a lovely mudd queen and DELICIOUS!

So back to my healthy eating after a bit of an indulgence on the salted caramel I made a smoothie for my mid morning snack today with:

  • Banana
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Soya Milk
  • Almonds

This too was delicious and I highly recommend this smoothie combination. YUM! I’m starting to feel the rewards of making food myself and eating healthy mentally. I am looking forward to making food, and reap the delicious and healthy rewards. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I feel better eating healthily and hope to keep it up. We’ll just keep those two creme eggs from this morning a secret between you and I, ssssh!




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