Sloth Like Daze


Today I don’t feel so much like a ninja in training, but more like a sloth. I woke up late, wasn’t in the mood for the day and the day has continued like this. I have eaten 2129 calories and burnt very few. For now, I think I will aim to eat less than 2000 calories, and slowly as I get used to this amount, reduce my intake until I’m eating about 1400 and exercising in order to lose weight. I think this is a sensible idea – to take it slow and get used to eating a normal amount so I know what a normal amount is after I have reached my target weight.

Also, I think this will re-teach me what is high in calories and what is not, without pushing me back into anorexia. I am recovered, and would like to stay that way. I think restricting to 1200 calories or less per day is danger zone for relapse, in addition to not being  very healthy. I want to lose weight healthily, to prove to myself that it can be done so in the future when I work with clients – as I’m going to study nutrition and health at university I can use my personal experience with my clients in the future. So there is a lot to gain from this journey for myself.

Today though, I feel like a sloth and am not in the mood for insanity challenge day #2. I just feel like curling up in bed with a book. This blog is to document the highs and lows of this journey though – and today is a low point. Although, I am excited for the new local gym to open and will be using that when it opens next week. I signed up today so at least, I suppose, I did something towards my fitness journey by committing myself to a gym that is very local to me and open 24/7 so there will be no excuses on time as to when I go to the gym as it will always be open. This is great news as sometimes late in the evening I get a burst of energy but I am in a new area of London, and don’t feel comfortable with the streets in this area yet to go for a run in the dark. So soon, no excuses. Just effort effort effort. I also signed up for the Nike #WeTrain2Run class for this saturday, so that is also a commitment I have made for my fitness journey.

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will feel more with it tomorrow. I am also stopping taking promethazine at night time in the hope that this helps with this sloth like lethargy I face on a daily basis – in addition to hopefully curbing my need for 11 hours sleep on average per night. I have also been informed that promethazine can impact appetite, so hopefully stopping taking that will help me control my diet more efficiently. I also spoke to my care coordinator about my other medications that I take – and hopefully the anti-psychotic can be reduced. We’re hoping. I’m hoping.

Although I am in two minds as to whether a reduction is wise as I am now finally emotionally and mood wise, stable. However, in the meantime we can see what is happening r.e. the promethazine and see if it makes a difference at all.


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