My PureGym Opens


Yay! Finally. Yesterday the day I’ve been waiting for since christmas finally came – my gym opened and it’s amazing. It’s quite large with a lot of free weights, weight machines and cardio machines which will be perfect for my fitness journey towards losing weight and gaining strength.

I went today for the first time and did 30 minutes on the cross trainer. I am trying to ease into it, with 30 minutes today, 60 tomorrow, then 30 again etc and so forth. I need to regain my stamina, but I went pretty well and strong today so it wasn’t too disappointing. In fact I was quite pleased with myself, although feel as though I could go for a run as well, which is good so I might. I need to lose this weight, and gain some strength ready for my races. Although I struggle with running at the moment – so maybe I’ll work it out on the treadmill to begin with to get used to running again.

I was quite impressed with the selection of equipment at the gym, and am looking forward to getting an induction to show me how to use the weights areas. I’ve tried booking online but no slots are coming up – therefore, I may email them and ask instead as it may be easier that way. I just need an induction on the weighted machines and free weights so I can get lifting and gaining muscle and strength.

So yes, finally, my fitness journey is on full steam ahead mode. Whoop whoop! I am also signed up to some of my first classes next week when they start including kettle bells and legs, bums and tums in order to work on my core and strength areas. Should be fun!


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