My First 5k


I managed my first 5km run today in a long time. I didn’t run the whole way, in fact I walked quite a lot but that’s OK – because it gives me something to improve on. I felt better running today than I have been lately, I think because the weather has picked up and I could go out in my hoody and it was a great temperature and breeze for exercising outside.

I’ve been in a pretty foul mood all day, which ultimately was my motivation to get out and get moving because I KNOW exercising whether I’m hitting goals or not, helps my mental health and mood difficulties. So there you go – my bad mood got me off my arse.

The run wasn’t too bad, there however, is a lot of room for improvement.

I did 5km
42:34 mins
8’28” average pace

I’m keeping these stats clear so I can hopefully, over time, see some improvement. I don’t feel particularly exhausted and feel like I could have done an extra km or two so I may go swimming tonight as well – we’ll see how my evening goes.

Another motivation to keep moving and counting calories is that when I stop, I stop losing weight as well, which sucks because I want to lose a fair amount of weight on my journey.


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