Insanity Day #1

I paused the DVD 3 times, which could be worse, and did easy versions of the burpee reps, but it is day number one, and it is the beginning of my Insanity Challenge journey. I’m sweating a lot and burned roughly, 400 calories which isn’t bad for a workout in 40 minutes. In fact I don’t think I could ask for more calories burnt in 45 minutes.

What am I on about, not bad? You see, I need to change my mentality. I need to dig deeper as Shaun T says, and I need to accept also my limitations and boundaries with my body in the shape it is in at the moment, and work hard to get the body I want in the future. It’s going to be a tough journey, but I think, definitely worth it.

I have to admit I don’t think a DVD workout has had me so desperate for it to end since early on in the DVD for a long time, but after each pause and break of laying on the floor panting to get my breath back I realised “Hang on, no! This is going to be hard, it’s called insanity! This is going to be a tough journey but if I want the results I’m after then I need to dig deeper and keep going and push through” So despite my wanting to give-up at the half way mark I’m proud that I didn’t.

Now it’s time for my protein shake for recovery and to keep active throughout my day so I can burn more calories and hopefully, lose some weight!:)


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