Insanity Challenge


I have Tough Mudder at the start of May. I’m nervous as hell and totally not in shape enough for it therefore drastic situations call for drastic actions and that in this case ladies and gentlemen is this ^^^ Insanity challenge!!!!

I’ll document my journey as I train using insanity in order to hopefully reach my goals. I’ve done the first fit test and got the following results:


Switch Kicks: 44
Power Jacks: 36
Power Knees: 50
Power Jumps: 17
Globe Jumps: 4
Suicide Jumps: 7
Push up Jacks: 7
Low plank oblique: 24

I don’t think it’s too bad for my first time. Hopefully by the time it comes to doing the text again in two weeks I’ll be starting to see results. As for now, it’s time for day one of insanity challenge.


One thought on “Insanity Challenge

  1. Good luck with the Insanity challenge! Just watch for your knees. There’s a lot of jumping and movement which can put a strain on them. Good luck!


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