Fed Up – The Movie


This morning I watched a documentary film on childhood obesity and the state of America’s food industries in relation to childhood health and disease related to obesity. For someone who wants to work with childhood obesity in the future, it was a shocking and saddening watch detailing the great lengths food industries go to to make sure you’re eating, consuming and dying from their products.

That sounds dramatic, but it’s not. These foods are literally killing us from the inside out, creating addiction and cravings that we can definitely live without. I have been craving sugar today, and yes, I caved and ate a bag of mini eggs because it’s easter, but the truth is, I could have easily had some apples and a banana. I would have received loads of great vitamins, alongside the fibre to slow down the ingestion of the sugars found in those fruits.

Having been eating healthily for just over a week now, in fact 2 weeks – I genuinely feel guilty about the mini eggs too. Like seriously, my mood feels pretty low now because I feel like I’ve let myself down…and I feel nauseous. I have to say I’ve never been nauseous from eating too much healthy food, but instantly it happens from too much sugar and fat – yes, already I feel sick.

So at the end of the documentary – which is available on Netflix by the way they have a Fed Up Challenge: give up sugar for 10 days and see how you feel afterwards. By giving up sugar it means added sugar, cakes, chocolate, sweetened sauces, jams, fizzy drinks and the likes.

From Monday it’s GAME ON!

I want to eat my easter egg first :p


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