Diet Shake Up


Staying under 2000 calories has proved to be difficult for me. So I need a shake up and a guideline of what I can and can’t eat. Yes, unfortunately certain foods are going to be off bounds. I know this is sometimes not seen as the best method but it’s about what works for me and the foods off bounds hold little to no nutritional value to my body – therefore are not worth eating during this time.

I have to keep it simple because I’m only just getting used to cooking for myself again. Instead of focusing on the deleted list which includes things like: cake, alcohol, ice cream, chocolate etc I’m going to focus on what I can have.

Breakfast: Muesli and milk

Lunch: buy something healthy

Dinner: Cook something healthy

Snacks: fruit only.

Cutting out: refined sugars, added sugars especially. I’m going to go brown with rice, bread and pasta.


2 thoughts on “Diet Shake Up

    1. It can feel like that yes. It’s a strange feeling having been anorexic to be trying to lose weight healthily and to be as healthy as I can be, whereas before I would try and lose as much weight as possible regardless of health. It’s good to be healthy though, and I’m appreciating my growing strength from training. 🙂


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