Diet Doomsday


I woke up this morning a bit apprehensive for the time ahead as I am now, officially, on my diet. It’s a bit nerve wracking for some unknown reason. So I started the day with muesli and the meal Im’ cooking tonight is quite nice and easy as it’s tuna pasta. I don’t feel overwhelmed by cooking this meal, which was the point of setting it for my day one.

My Weight: 163lb

Which pleasingly was 2lb less than I expected to be. So I’ve been doing something right I’m sure, although I don’t know what it is. Perhaps being more active is the key to this battle – I think so. The gym ought to open this week, either today or friday. I have planned to exercise regardless of whether they open or not as it is women’s only swimming tonight which will be good to get me back into exercise. I started with swimming before, I can start with swimming again. I’ve decided to not have a proper meal for lunch but to bring it down to two meals a day, alongside as much fruit as I want to eat, and ovaltine. I think this is healthy – but I’m not sure if anorexia is jumping in to solve the problem for me here. I hope not, because I think it sounds like a good plan to have snacks in the day and a proper meal for breakfast and in the evening.

I think I’ve seen something like it on a TV show where obese people get a dietitian which is where I got the idea from. So it must be fine – although I’m not obese I need a plan that will work for me and this just feels right. I also cracked out my cook books – I’m not vegan, but I like vegan food and that it is healthy (usually) and guilt free. A lot of the recipes in here seem healthy and I plan on buying more cook books to get back into cooking.

This is partially my mission on this diet: to get healthier and lose weight whilst gaining strength but also, to get back into cooking my own food. I used to enjoy cooking and it is an important skill that I have neglected as of late. I have the time to cook, so time isn’t an excuse for me. Therefore: NO EXCUSES!



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