10k Training Plan


So today I did the first run of my 10k training plan. I was initially nervous about going for a run, however the weather was good: bright with a slight chill, and so I went for it. Previously I have struggled to keep count of my intervals when doing 2 min run – 1 min walk, so this time I took a pen in my pocket and did a tally on my hand during the walking section. This technique worked perfectly for me in keeping track of how far I had gone in the plan, and keeping tally of my intervals without giving up because I felt like it was hopeless.

I felt quite strong whilst running as well, and feel I ran faster than I previously have been as of late, which is an improvement. I think I can put this down to gym classes and the cross training machine. Hopefully from here on in I will only get stronger and faster and fitter. I also lost 1% of body fat percentage since I last measured it, which is an improvement even though my weight stayed the same. At least something is changing.

So here’s to getting stronger and acing those runs I have planned.:)


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