To The One I Lost

The vulnerability
Suffocating me

Making me question everything
I don’t know when the pain will end
If it will be at my ends or having to withstand this agony
and pain within me

Like daggers and knives, slashing at my life
A bee hive gone wrong, seeing me through the long
of the hours and the days
I have to live without you
I thought I’d say I do
Now I’ve cut our bond

I scald myself, oh how badly I bleed
For you and for me, for how much I need.
Need you in my life
to function and thrive
but this isn’t just my life
but yours too
Not just my hurt, my pain, but yours too

As I cut our ties loose and lost you

So this is to the one I lost
In the waves of my pain
Mental torture and more
To the oceans of my tears crying forever more
Feeling like it will never end until my ends meet
That’s not what you want for me I know
Anything for me you would have done I know
Maybe things went too slow
Or too fast in the wrong direction

Dissection of the past never fares well

So this is to the one I lost
I hope you come back one day and say
“Hey!”, How are you?
Already I miss you

It’s been hours, never mind months

So this is to the one I lost
The one who has formed my past
The one who I could tell no lies
The one who loved unconditionally

This is to the one I lost
Whole heartedly

I miss you.


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