Poem – We Canter

We canter on the banter through the night

It’s tight, we’re tight

To all those who are jokes touch

Touch wood

Don’t hear those jokes

And cracking hoaxes

Laughing through the night

It’s love

That sly smile

And crinkle of the eye

Within which I spy

Our love

Your love, mine


A heart so wild

Care free but caring



Everything our life could be

The eye that glint

Through hidden smogs of perfect imperfections

Defections I love


J’adore and more

No whore

Just perfect adoring love

I buy you a rose

Because that’s what you do

But for me it’s more than that

A dead rose lying on the worktop

Wilting in the heat of the moment

The heat of what could be

Of you and of me

Together we’re free

Riding an ocean of waves

Encroaching upon us slaves to our love

To the motions

Of my wildest dreams

Before coffee

And more jokes

Cracking at the seams

In tears of happiness

This is our mess

Our imperfect dream

Our feelings

Our life

Together, forever


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