Dear Darling Sanity Support Group


When we have mental health difficulties, one of the most valuable methods of support is peer support. With peer support we can use our experiences, to help each other through dark times, tough times and even celebrate the good times.

Many platforms support people with mental health difficulties through peer supper including Elefriends by MIND, and peer support forums run by the likes of Sane, Bipolar UK and B-eat. However, some of these platforms can be so vast it can be difficult to get support from or some remain slightly inactive. The aim of setting up the Facebook group is to give people a space to gain support from like minded and similarly experienced people to give and gain support in times of need – but also to express ourselves and explore ho we’re feeling in an encouraging manner.

The link is in the side bar —->

I hope to see some of you there.


6 thoughts on “Dear Darling Sanity Support Group

  1. You help me more than you know. Ive tried writing my thoughts down and it really helps – but to read your experiences, it makes things more real and to know people understand can be, well life saving.
    Thank you x

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  2. You help me more than you know. Ive tried writing my thoughts down and it helps – to read your experiences and to know Im not alone, that someone understands, can be, well, life saving.
    Thank you x


  3. Hi – thank you. Sent a rambling email, my apologies! From reading your recent posts and comments I am glad that the search for hope seems to be going upwards – I hope that with the right mix of fun, meds, healthy diet/exercise, conversation, determination and support you are able to find a healthy balance, a positive outlook and a feeling of self worth that reminds you how important you are, and how much you deserve to be happy and able to enjoy your life. It won’t be easy, there will be hard times – but you said it yourself, you are awesome! And worth every effort that you will go through. Even just reading people’s comments – you have a lot of support and your words are helping others – you are loved by people youve met, and I hope that feeling helps you on your journey 🙂 You certainly help and inspire me on mine xx


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