What is Supported Accommodation?


For some people living independently is too much of a challenge. Especially those with mental health difficulties, as in looking after ourselves alone we can face challenges with daily functioning. Managing to wash, dress, take meds, fulfil our potential and live our lives to the full can be difficult when facing mental health challenges every day such as depression, mania, psychosis or anxiety for example.

Therefore, there is the option of something called supported accommodation. This is where I live now. I used to live on my own but I kept becoming too unwell to stay home, therefore I moved into supported accommodation in order to help me stay out of hospital and offer more support on a day to day basis.

The kind of help i received includes:

  • Help with managing and taking medications
  • Activities and occupational support
  • Someone to talk to in a crisis 24/7
  • Help with managing appointments
  • Liaison with my mental health team regularly

It also means that we’re provided with a decent standard of accommodation and have contact with staff on a daily basis, including room checks to make sure we’re OK.

There are different levels of support and at different support levels people require more or less supervision and support. There is high supper, medium support, low support and floating support.

The difference between low support and floating support is the daily contact. Often, these services are offered by charity and private companies outside of the NHS although they liaise with NHS services.


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