Running into the New Year 

This year as mentioned in my previous post I have signed up to many races, my first starting on the 10th January. Today I started training for it, not only because I need to be sure for my own mental preparation that I can complete the distance, but also for my mental health. Since Christmas my mood has been dipping. I think I may be homesick slightly, but my mood has been dipping and I’ve been getting a lot of symptoms of a lowered mood such as oversleeping and irritability. It’s been hard whilst I’ve been with family to not snap, or lose my temper as I’m struggling with being around people at the moment. 

One thing that helps me with my mood and symptoms however is exercise. So yesterday I did a mini workout in my bedroom just to get back into the swing of things, and today I went for my first run of the year. I had to run and walk having been out of training for a while due to hospital admissions and illness but I’m trying to not let this start of low mood get to me. So I ran. 



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