Hello 2016!


Looking forward, I’m quite excited for 2016. I have many plans already including travel, study, and sports. 2016 is already full of promising experiences and I have many hopes for it.

Hopes for 2016:

  1. Complete my vegan challenge, and in the process learn more about nutrition.
  2. Complete the races I’vesigned up for which starts of with a 5k, and includes further along the year: a 10k, a half marathon, Tough Mudder, Rat Race Dirty Weekend (20 miles), River Rat Race and Gauntlet Games. It’s going to be a busy year!!
  3. Go climbing outside after I’ve learnt to lead belay.
  4. Start studying nutrition at university.
  5. Look after myself using the support I have in place better.
  6. Keep writing, poetry included.
  7. Perform poetry at an open mic night.
  8. Expand social media projects.
  9. Do Gratitude journal and journal for whole year.
  10. Finish DBT course.

I haven’t put any mental health goals that are beyond my control as I have learnt this in 2015. Additionally, I am moving towards developign myself as a whole person who has mental health problems, rather than someone defined by the battles I face every day.



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