Sometimes We Just Need Rest


Today I was supposed to wake up at 6, cycle for half an hour to the post office depot and collect a parcel. I was then going to cycle another half an hour to Covent Garden to collect some presents from a shop for christmas. Then I was going to cycle home and explore my local area.

But I’ve woken with a terrible cough – that has been building for days – and a sore throat coming on. I’m not sleeping as much as I’d like to be (6 hours tonight, 5 the night before) so do not feel particularly rested.

I need to give myself a break. I’m going to get the bus instead, and go to the pharmacy for medicine to treat myself. I’m going to rest, and take it slow and really try to look after myself. There’s no problem with that, right? This is for my physical health, sometimes though, we need to do the same for our mental health as well.

Sometimes, for the sake of our mental health we need to take a break, take a step back and really nurture ourselves instead of beating ourselves up about it. It sounds easy enough, but for some reason we seem to have a harder time accepting that we need to take a break, and that it’s ok to take a step back, put a few things down and rest. It is better to rest than to push on building up to an inevitable crisis – I think it’s important to remember this sometimes.



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