Overcoming Travel Anxiety 

So my anxiety calmed down over the holiday. For the whole trip I’ve had just one clonazepam after our hotel was evacuated and us placed in another for the night due to a “threat”. I think my anxiety at that time was justified. Also on the final day, today, I’ve made us get here 5 hours early because I was unsure of how long it would take and felt too anxious to not leave early for the plane. I’m not the most popular person for this decision but oh well. I feel like I’ve had enough of exploring now and am truly ready to just go home and get back to normal and chill out a little at home: in addition to having some me time as I’ve been with a friend 24/7 since Thursday night which is quite difficult for me. 

I have social issues and if I can spend time with anyone it is this particular friend in question. So there we have it, I’m exhausted but I had a good holiday in Prague. I enjoyed it and did well with pushing my boundaries and comfort zones. I feel quite proud of myself and feel I deserve a well done in some form. Perhaps the well done is the experience of having come here, and experienced another country. This is something I would have totally turned down to do a year ago. I had already pushed my boundaries this year in going to Scotland, so for me, to leave London and go to Prague was a massive deal and I’ve achieved it despite my difficulties, voices, anxieties and paranoia. 




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