Anxiety on Leaving Home

Today is a big day for me. I am leaving the country, althoguh only for four days and going on holiday. I haven’t done this since 2010. HALF A DECADE. Naturally I’m nervous, naturally I’m actually shitting myself. We are goign to Prague, and I may do a post of just photos of Prague just for the fun of it to share with you all. How though, I hear you thinking, is this mental health related?

Becuase since I’ve become unwell in the last five years the idea of leaving my borough scares me. I do it, begridgingly. Now, my friends and family have decided it’s time I leave the country – and so did I in a manic spree of “LET’S GO AWAY!!! IT’LL BE GREAT!!” Now I am not manic, I am rather flabberghasted by my one minute decision to fly to another country. Me? Fly to another country? This is going to be tough but in 24 hours I will be there, in a supposedly beautiful city and hopefully enjoying myself. 

I have no advice to give on this situation, but if anyone has any for me to take then please, feel free. I’m asking for your words of wisdom here. 

All the best, 

M.J.Neely, x


6 thoughts on “Anxiety on Leaving Home

  1. I had a friend visit me in Thailand who also hadn’t traveled in years. He went to Morocco, had a panic attack and rushed home. When he was here, I made it easy for him. We established a routine that allowed him to do the self care he needed even while he was away. That seemed to steady him. He ended up having a great time and was sad to leave.

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    1. Thank you. A routine is a good idea. My morning routine normally sets me up for my day, so i should be sure to have breakfast and meds and let us plan for our days: thank you. xx

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  2. For me the stress of being stressed I may have an issue can trigger more stress. A veritable stressfest. I think it is important that we can only do our best and at some point we just have to enjoy our life and hope for the best. Have fun. You deserve it.

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