My Anti-Depressant Plan

I’ve been struggling with my mood for a good while now, since July. Not every day has been bad, but the general consensus has been depression, with a small hyopmanic episode inbetween. It has been difficult. It is getting more difficult because I need it to end, I need to feel normal. 

Therefore, last night when I decided enough is enough of thinking about suicide I made myself an anti-depressant plan that doesn’t involve more medications for now. It is about me. I am the only person who can make changes in my life, and these are some I hope to keep up with. 

Yesterday I was very low, but I realised there is more I can be doing in order to help myself. This is imperitive to my recovery so my plan goes along the lines of: 

– Having a project, which for  me at the moment is my book. I started writing my book yesterday./

– Exercise: Running twce a week, climbing twice a week and one sessin of cross training, for if I fancy a swim for example. 

– Talking to friends and contacts and remaining socially active with people who get me, and trying to meet new people. In order to do this I have started a meetup group, which I shall make a whole other post about in case some of you Londoner’s are interested in coming along. My presumption is that we have an affliction to write hence we all blog so much. 

– Gaming for me is a good distraction when I am feeling down. It is an active and engaging escape. 

– Writing poetry and continuing to upload onto my youtube channel my work. 

– To do some chores, preferably 3 daily in order to keep on top of my environment. 

– I’m going to restart a gratitude diary on my instagram account, where I can look back at the good memories and be thankful for the small things in my life.

– Art activities in my art activity books help with my mood and channel my creativity. 

– Reading. Quite simply, reading brings me a great pleasure in life. I don’t want to lose that. 

– Netflix is a good distraction, similar to gaming. 

– Continue to go to therapy as I am currently in a DBT group. 

It seems like a rather long list but it shows how much I can be doign for myself to make myself happier, and hopefully less depressed. A lot are distractions as this is an effective technique I’ve learnt from the past in order to get through difficult times. I think having something solid in place is helpful because I could have just kept all of these ideas in my head but I am going to put this list in my filofax in order to have a solid plan in which to refer to each day. 

What would go on your anti-depressant or mood management plan? 


7 thoughts on “My Anti-Depressant Plan

    1. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy – They use it a lot for BPD and emotional regulation disorders. It uses a lot of mindfulness, about being mindful about yourself, others and your surroundings. It also covers distress tolerance, and managing yourself in order to avoid reaching crisis point.

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      1. I have a workbook on DBT I never got around to. I’ve done a lot of CBT. I’m slipping again and I realise I need to get my routine going again. Stopped my meditation, mindfulness and exercise. Once I do that, things slide. I know this but sometimes I just get fed up of having to do so much to stay together…

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      2. I totally get that. Which is why I’ve given up on the whole volunteering thing because I keep getting chucked off from each placement because i keep losing my shit. So for as frustrating as it is that I have to do so much to be sane and cope and manage with my life, it is a limitation on my life that I have come to finally accept.

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  1. Good plan and goof for you for being proactive in your care. I’m envious. Although I loved many of your anti-depressant ideas, when depressed I’m not quite sure my running shoes would appeal very much to me 😦

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