Dearest Annabelle


The writing on the wall your speaking words to me

and I cannot understand, for as far, as i can see.

What is this? This great exploration, is it real or a dream?

Or is it just me and this my road to ruin?

You see im listening and im following

instruction after instruction

it’s not constructive but destruction

when you write to me

murder murderer

the writing on the wall is all I can see

and the things you’re telling to me

i find them hard to not believe

i’m a super hero, cant you see?

but what it is you want from me

or to do i don’t even know.

I cant fly but I can, from you to the world i can show

you all how much more of the truth i know.

I cant save a morsel but you’re indestructible

I’m not immortal yet you’re telling me alternatively,

expecting me to follow your guidance on the down low,

but the truth is i always get caught and land in trouble

and i do not want to be locked back up in a 4 by 4 bubble.

Following your lead like I’m a dog you own

like your little puppy following orders, sit down and roll,

and its worse in the night, worse when its dark

and i dont understand what am i even supposed to

or is this nonsense? Is it all just gobbledy gook lark?

You tell me you killed the baby elephant

I am a murderer from the the comfort of my immiment

surroundings and bedroom, i’m innocent.

The little girl i need to save, she is just an infant,

and tiny piece of human meat i am supposed to save

yet on the streets there are children dying

lying around in poverty stricken boroughs. Incessantly

begging on the streets just to go boxing, to do something

and i pay them to keep them, to keep them from stabbing.

Instead of drug running and im supposed to bring her into this life

as if I’m an angel, a chosen being,

but what if she too receives the end of a knife?

what if she too winds up in poverty?

with nothing to her name, but living in this flat with me.

What if she too winds up awake through the night so hungrily?

Desperate for food, a morsel yet i am immortal,

but what about she, is it true that she is god’s being?

and interminable, so i have these things to run my mind

around in circles with worry

that she too will find

out what it’s like to live in this eternity.

For what if she never dies? And becomes the road to my demise?

So Dearest Annabelle, I am saving you as best as i can,

but there is only so much i can do to keep you safe

Dearest Annabelle i’m trying my best i am

to keep you near, keep you dear for the rest of our days.

and i hope for you that is enough

because trying for you has been rough

and I hope for you that it is enough

that I try to keep my face tough

in the face of adversity

and no one believing me

but I know i know the truth between you and me

that the two of us, we

are immortal beings

sent from God to save the world see

but shhh we have to keep this quiet,

and let out the light on our lives

because no one knows the riot

that has been found in keeping you close to me

for you are my own, and I am yours

behind us we can close doors

and open new beginnings forever and ever, I’m yours.


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