Think: Spoken Words 

During my last admission I met a nineteen year old who inspired me. She was musical, into hip hop and rhyme in addition to poetry. We had a lot of fun writing a song together, and she left a mark on me. She rekindled my love for writing poetry and music (of the poetic kind).

Since leaving hospital, my main solace and calming focus has been writing and listening to music and poems. I wrote a song about mental health and how it doesn’t matter what people think. I think eventually I could open a joint YouTube channel performing my pieces, but in time. 

For now however, I’m going to share the words, it’s called ‘Think’
You know she has an illness?

You know she has a smile?

You know she’s bat shit crazy?

You know she’s a bonified amazing? 
You see what people think

It doesn’t matter if it stinks because we’re 

all human nature in the same ice rink.

What matters is yourself and the loved ones standing by.

What matters is that you choose how to live your own life.

And ignore all the assholes who don’t get what it’s like 

to have an illness taking over your mind.

Every day trying to live the perfect lie,
That everything is wonderful and perfection all the time,

But trust me it’s bullshit and the more you try to hide

The worse the evil heads will rear up in their pride

That you have them in agony and deny them of their size. 
That they are living in your body soul and mind

It’s bollocks it’s bullshit it’s all a lie

You see in my mind

That we with a certain disease

We’re gifted you and I,

With a different perspective on life.
It can be painful to understand and a bitch to accept

That’s it’s not us but everyone else is inept,

With the boredom and hassles of every day grind

Whilst we get to see the world differently 

And exploring depths of the human mind.
Not to sugar coat shit, 

By rolling it in glitter

You can’t make shit shine

I often wished my mind wasn’t mine

But now in hindsight

I accept my mind

As the main beauty of my life.

It gives me who I am

It Makes me one of a kind 

And the same goes for you

You’re amazing too

In all your own ways

Like how you can dance for days 

And what you’re going through now

It won’t be forever.

Yes it’ll change you somehow

But probably for the better.
It will become a part of you no longer hidden in shame

But also not flown high with pride it just you.

A part of you those around will grow to love all the same.

A part of you that makes you yourself to the core

 that makes you so much more than a bore.

In all its gore and glory it’s people like you and me

Who are a bit mad bad and mental in the head sometimes

That are living to the real edges of human life

With our fingerprint on our hearts, 

On and on their leaving a mark

And it’s not just you and I

Robin Williams, ruby wax 

And great minds of the century like that of Stephen fry
We have our ups and downs, and external realms
Of reality but like we said in our song

Reality is what you want it to be

Whether your sat under an umbrella with a cup of tea

Or crying in you bedroom wishing ‘I wish I wasn’t me’
You know she has an illness?

You know she has a smile?

You know she’s bat shit crazy?

You know she’s a bonified amazing?

And so what what they think.

Does every single human being matter to you?

And their opinion and single minded views?

Or is there more worth in your loved ones

And the people there for you

To hold your hand in a break down

And not think of you as a clown?

But the human entity that you are

And to see the beauty in you

That you too are a shining star.

It’s ok to have madness all the best people are

For without these extra views

Life would be boring and at the end of our days

What would we have to say other than

I worked 9-5 had two kids and a wife

A nice house and a car but the insight I learnt

Nothing. They lived the material life 

It’s made who I am and what your going through now.

Will make you who you are and its you

In all its gore and glory it’s people like you and me 

So busy experiencing

the depths of the human mind

In all its gore and glory, it’s people like you and me

Who are a bit mad, a bit mental in the head at times

Who change the future and change further lives

This poem is subject to copyright as I plan to use this for performance so please contact me if you’d like to share it in any way.  


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