Writing for Wellbeing: Recovery College


Yesterday I attended the first of 6 workshops for a course at my local Recovery College called Writing for Wellbeing. I love that it is a course that focuses on the person, and the process of writing as opposed to the pressure of the final product. That’s why I signed up.

I used to write almost compulsively. Writing and language was a massive part of my life, then I worked in magazines and pressures for every word to be perfect slightly tarnished the fun of writing for me. Especially because I started to hate writing about fashion – it bored me. This course however, I hope to reconnect with the process of writing for wellbeing, for myself, for enjoyment and for processing further what is happening for me now, or has happened to me in the past.

In the first session we started with talking about what the course is and isn’t about – which was helpful for clarifying what we have signed up for. This served to further my judgement that this was definitely going to be a good course for me. We did a few exercises, writing about our favourite hot drink for 2 minutes and why an activity that makes us happy makes us happy, or feel better when we’re struggling. Naturally I wrote about tea and climbing.

So here we go:

An Ode to Tealarge-1

Tea, I love you.
You’re warmth in my mouth to my stomach is so soothing. The smell you emit is calming and fragile yet sometimes potent in all the right ways.
You know, you and I, our relationship goes everywhere: at home in the morning to pick me up in the morning to the comfort you bring in a crisis. At the kitchen table, in the park or the trusty Thermos you bond so well with to keep me warm is beautiful.


One thought on “Writing for Wellbeing: Recovery College

  1. I’ve always wanted to take a writing course that focusses on recovery and well being. I actually had one researched and had circled the dates in my daytimer, but work and money, unfortunately prevented me from attending. Enjoyed your Ode to Tea 🙂

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