Songs of My Journey: 2014, Possession and Dissociation

My depression started to lift. Not quite enough so we upped my  dosage. Then by September I wasn’t ageing better. I was able to go to college- just about, and I was able to at least do some of the stuff I hadn’t been able to do before. For some reason I was hearing a lot of voices around this time and having some severe dissociative episodes. I still don’t quite understand, but it happened. My only explanation was dissociative parts that hadn’t quite 100% healed were telling me that something was wrong. I started feeling possessed again, and it was a constant battle in my head to stay on track and to manage. Then I saw the video for Chandelier by Sia. That little girl, she was like me. She was possessed and disturbed and… She was expressing something I couldn’t. It fit. She was my little me, personified in a way that I could see her.


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