Book Review: The Bipolar II Disorder Workbook


This week I started reading through “The Bipolar II Disorder Workbook”. The book advises that you don’t read through it all quickly, but instead read a chapter and work on the activities suggested before moving on. This approach to reading and using the book encourages the reader to utilise and work through the book like you would therapy with a therapist, rather the rushing through and not utilising the skills and activities suggested throughout the book.

The first two chapters provide the groundwork for understanding the disorder and the usual treatment options offered, how they work and why they are offered. The explanation for Bipolar II and how this differentiates from a Bipolar I diagnosis is very clear,

“First, everyone with BPII experiences one or more periods of depression; however, depression may or may not bareness in BPI. Second, people with BPII experience hypomania,a less severe version of mania, the episodic high or elevated mood that is the defining feature BPI.” (McMurrich Roberts et al, 2013)

The discussion of treatment options within Chapter 2 are extensive and explorative. It is good to read about which drug categories are used and why, in addition to which therapeutic programmes and treatments are best utilised for the treatment of Bipolar.

The first activity chapter is about working on acceptance. The notion of what is classified as acceptance, and what is not is very well explained so that during the exercises you can be honest with yourself with how much you have, or perhaps have not, managed to accept your Bipolar diagnosis – in addition to highlighting circumstances that you are or are not accepting in other areas of your life. In encouraging acceptance of your Bipolar diagnosis, the book teaches you methods of general acceptance in everyday life: which is a good skill to obtain and have.

My next chapter to read is, “How To Manage Depressive Episodes”


S, McMurrich Roberts, et al. 2013. The Bipolar II Disorder Workbook. Managing Recurrent Depression, Hypomania and Anxiety. Oakland: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.


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