The lows…

With the use of a panda and a doll’s house – this perfectly depicts the low times.

Highs, Lows and Pandas

The low times, the times I really dislike, the times when I have no motivation, the times when I spend all day staring into nothingness, the times when I question the point of anything, the times when moving my arm to get a drink is hard but filling the cup is impossible. Yes those are the low times.

 Let’s run through a typical ‘low’ day. It’s 9am, the sun is shining and birds are tweeting, today will be a good day I tell myself over and over, I’m going to get up and tidy the house and maybe venture outside but first I’ll just lay here a little longer. Oh look it’s now 11am and I haven’t moved, why I am so lazy, I hate myself for being lazy actually I hate myself all together. The sun now burns through the curtains but I just want to live in…

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