Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Thank You very much to Gentle Kindness for nominating me for the very inspiring blog award. I’m really pleased to have been nominated, especially as this is my first time and I’ve always ogled at others’ blogs with awards hoping that one day someone would like my site that much. So thank you very much, it means a lot to me. 

1. Thank your nominator by posting a link to their blog on your Award post

2. List 7 to 10 Facts About Yourself

3. Nominate up to 15 other blogs for being inspirational

4. Post the rules so people know them

5. Notify your nominees via their About Page and send them the link to your Award Post with the rules on it

6. Post the award badge on your blog anywhere you like on your pages or posts.


So here goes, my life of facts:

1. I’m currently sat in Starbucks and I thought I was going to do a little fart, but it was huge and stinky. Even though I wanted to laugh, I pretended to not notice to try and keep my cover of hopefully being a non-farter in Starbucks. 

2. My original diagnosis was of Dissociative Identity Disorder. It has since been debated and changed, with some thinking I have a personality disorder, others bipolar, and a few psychosis. To be frank, I fit a bit here and a bit there and have given up on fitting into a diagnosis and learning to understand my difficulties from that. So now I work with symptoms. 

3. I find the above frustrating because I like to know answers and the why and how to my questions. By adopting the above mentality I lose hope of fully understanding why and how. This has been very difficult for me to accept. 

4. I used to have bulimia, then anorexia. Now, although I’m not entirely in love with my body I am recovered. I just don’t look in the mirror naked. 

5. This year I have been getting into fitness, exercise and pushing my body for strength and wellness. From this I have signed up to a few races: 5K, 10K, 5K fun obstacle, 10K wet obstacle and finally the beasty of them all, Tough Mudder which I am running for MIND and am hoping to raise £400. (Sponsor link is on the side —>) 

6. I thought I was straight and confused. Then I thought I was gay. Now I have finally realised I am bisexual and that was a really difficult journey of self discovery and realisation for me. Finally though, I’m happy to be bi because after all I get the best of both worlds. 

7. I’m at college studying Access to Medicine and have applied to study dietetics and/or nutrition. I’m really excited for this career and think I can bring a lot to the field with experience, knowledge and compassion. 

8. I used to study and work in fashion. I did quite well and was told I was talented a lot in the fashion journalism field but to tell you the truth, I HATED the people and the industry. I must have been the most uninterested and least grateful person sat in the shows. 

9. I have a wonderful cat who is now an old man. He’s my rock and my everything. I think he thinks he is a dog/human though. For example he won’t drink water from his cat bowl anymore because he likes to drink water from a wine glass instead. 

10. I fucking love it when I get prescribed benzos. They’re my favourite medication in the world. 

Enough about me. Now it’s my turn to nominate some lovely people. So here goes:

1. Grace on the Moon

2. Romancing the road to recovery

3. Fat Ballerina 

4. Marci, Mental Health and More

5. Math with Bad Drawings

6. The Twisted Journey

7. Many of us

8. It’s ok to not be ok

9. Drama Llama

10. Ambivalence Girl

11. Crazy in the Coconut 


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