Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention: Thinking About Food.


Relapse Symptom: Thinking about food more than usual. When I am unwell, I think about very little else other than food. Food consumes every waking thought, and when I’m unwell, every dream as well. Overthinking about food is a sign that it is once again becoming an obsession, and infringing on the healthier things I could be thinking about, like college, my relationship, friends etc.

How I Stay Well: When I am hungry I think about food. I’ll think about what I would like to eat, or when I’m going to next get a chance to eat. After I have eaten my food though that is that, there is no need to think about it anymore. If I am overthinking food, I will often need to distract myself. I will make sure to eat my 3 meals, and optional 3 snacks if I feel like it. Then instead of making a conscious effort to not think about food, I make a conscious effort to focus on the things that are important to me in my life: exercising, writing, reading, friends, Wifey. Sometimes, if these thoughts are very intense then I will bring out my usual distraction coping mechanisms: a sudoku book, my colouring book, and drawing. These are good exercises because they clear my mind, and are safe, positive distractions to use.


Other Signs and Symptoms:
1. Introduction: Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention and Counting Calories
2. Weighing
3. Drinking cups of tea, in succession, on after another, after another, after another.
4. Skipping Meals
5. Feeling anxious and out of control
6. Feeling uneasy about “bad foods”
7. Making diet plans
8. Burning calories
9. Denying Hunger


5 thoughts on “Anorexia – Relapse and Prevention: Thinking About Food.

    1. Thanks Hun. That’s really great to read, and I feel really great that you chose to nominate me. Sorry I took so long to reply, I’ve been offline for a while with college work and stuff.



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